Post-renovation should be a joyous moment for both you and your family to move into the new house. As with all things, many of us faced after renovation would be the dust and plenty of cleaning to be done before any moving can be done.

Most renovation contractors or interior design companies tend to have post-renovation cleaning services included in their renovation contracts but from the hundreds of homeowners that we work with, much of the feedback we get is that more cleaning is needed even after the post-renovation cleaning is done.

Importances of Post Renovation Cleaning

Beyond the initial impression of a clean and neat home to your visitors, there are two primary reasons why maintaining a clean house is of utmost importance: health and mental well-being. There is a saying, your home is a reflection of your life. Therefore, keeping your home cleaned should be one of your top priorities.

A clean home plays a crucial role in preventing illnesses, allergies, and asthma for you and your loved ones. Regular cleaning is particularly vital for pet owners, as their fur and feathers tend to accumulate in various areas of the house. When combined with dust mites and mould, these can become significant contributors to health issues.

With the cleaned home, you can expect better air quality and a more refreshing atmosphere. The kitchen and bathroom, being the most frequently used areas in a home, will require special attention to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

If you have children around, maintaining a neat and orderly home is essential to minimize the risk of tripping, falling, and potential injuries, as children are more vulnerable to accidents and tend to put stuff they pick into their mouths.

How does cleaning make you feel better?

A clean home provides an unparalleled level of comfort. Living in a well-organized house where each item has its designated place not only makes finding things easier but also enhances overall comfort. It creates a welcoming environment where you can unwind and relax after a long day of work. The comfort and familiarity you experience in your clean home are truly invaluable.

On the other hand, a messy house can be of a significant source of stress. Nobody wants to live in a chaotic and overwhelming environment. Your home should be a sanctuary where you feel at ease, surrounded by a sense of peace and safety. Stepping into a clean house has an almost therapeutic effect, bringing peace and order into your life. It is also a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Furthermore, keeping your home clean can reduce the chances of illness. If you suffer from asthma or other allergies, you will understand the immense relief that comes with being in a clean environment. By constantly maintaining your house, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of experiencing an attack or falling ill.

Get Professional Cleaning Services

If you find yourself still unmotivated to clean your house after reading this, why not consider engaging a professional cleaning services to assist you? At Cleaning Express Singapore, we offer reliable and trustworthy cleaning services that will ensure your home remains clean, tidy, and welcoming for you and your family.

Take  action today and take the step towards a cleaner and healthier living house.